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ISBN:  978-1-61929-258-1
Format: Trade Paper,  192 pages
Cover Price: $15.95 /$9.99 ebook

Publication Date:  October 30, 2015
Publisher: Regal Crest Enterprises




"Oh my God, what happened out there? You're bleeding," Kailyn said. She reached for Alex's hand and walked her inside the house toward the bathroom.

Alex glanced at her hand, not realizing she’d been cut until that moment. “It’s nothing, but I think you need to have a talk with Tommy. Some guy who calls himself Raven was out there looking for him, trying to pry his way into the basement window with this knife.”

“Jesus, that’s a hunting knife. He could have killed you,” Kailyn said. 

Sadness has a tendency to run deep, especially for Alexandra Jean Rey who spent most of her living years dealing with survivorship guilt. Raised by her grandmother, Alex allowed few people into her life. She lived one day to the next and often too close to the edge for comfort. But she was smart and strong, and found ways to manage each day as it came.

Her decision to leave her career as an animal behaviorist at Florida’s H&M Aquarium, followed by the loss of her best friend Andre the same year, tested Alex’s resilience. Andre’s will left Alex with control of half of Island Water Adventures, a lifeline during a difficult time and the possibility of a new start. Yet life never comes in a neat package.

Alex learns she and Andre’s partner Sean may lose Island Water Adventures in a will contest. She also discovers that the sound of one woman’s laughter will set into motion a series of events that would impact her heart and life forever. Kailyn Montgomery is that woman.

Will Kailyn lead Alex to find a deeper blue, or will the past weigh too heavily on both their futures?


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Ten percent of the royalties I receive from A Deeper Blue book sales I'm donating to various charities and non-profits (now and for the life of the book) for cancer research and research for other illnesses, in support of human and animal rights issues, for animal shelters and food banks, and others.